Backround Images!

I have figured out that you can put backround images on my kind of blog! I was customizing my blog theme, so I saw the words backround image and clicked on it. My moms folder was on my computer at home. Then, I looked at her pictures, the pictures were connected to the computer from my moms phone. I uploaded the photo and it showed up in a little box. The settings for that photo were there. I did the settings, and the photo showed up on the screen. All I did after that was, click save. Then, I went back to my blog and my photo was my backround!

One thought on “Backround Images!

  1. Dear Mallory,
    You should still blog. I know it has been two whole years since you have blogged but it is naturally a fun thing to do, especially when Mrs.Campagna didn’t shut down your blog.

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