Been a While :)

Hey! I’m back and better than ever! To all of you out there reading this, i’m hoping you have a great life because i wish that for everyone. i’m 13 now and in the 7th grade 4th quarter. i’m writing this post because i haven’t been on my blog ina while. I’m so glad i found it because i missed writing this kind of stuff. Blogs are a great advantage to spread the word on things or just write how you feel. Anyway, middle school is great and i’m really having fun. Please say anything in the comments to let me know that you still read my posts. i’ll be watching:)))

i have returned

hey there! I haven’t been blogging in a while but my summer went great! Now that I’m in middle school it’s been nerve racking and stressful, but I will get through it. I’m glad to here everything is going good in room 815. Everything is going great for me and my bff, Sarah, except for the 4 minutes between switches. I might not have time to post but I will be looking at your blogs! It’s so great to here that I have kids that like my blog


– Mallory

My New Best Friends- The 5th Grade

Sorry, I haven’t been blogging. I had so much to do, and a lot of homework. Anyways, I have made a lot of new friends. Their names are Lauren, Haley, journey, Abby, Maddie, Katie, Rachel, Olivia, and Zowie. All of my friends are very nice. I have also been chosen to be and OFIS embassador.¬†My teacher is Mr. Schafer, my social studies teacher is Mrs. Harb, and my science teacher is Mrs. Atkins. If you get this pod I’m sure you’ll love the 5th grade!ūüėäūüėäūüėĄ

Fourth grade!!:)

Hi, sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while! I was just so busy with sports and camps for volleyball so I just didn’t blog for a long time. Anyways, I got mrs Pilko for the fourth grade and I really enjoyed it. She always taught so that I could understand. Also she will always help you with things. I started to love going to school everyday because of her. Next, I liked seeing mrs Judson everyday and mrs Venececk, too. They were both great teachers. In special you will have one different every day. The thing that I will love the most about fourth grade is the teachers. Thank you for waiting for me to write a post!!:)



Backround Images!

I have figured out that you can put backround images on my kind of blog! I was customizing my blog theme, so I saw the words backround image and clicked on it. My moms folder was on my computer at home. Then, I looked at her pictures, the pictures were connected to the computer from my moms phone. I uploaded the photo and it showed up in a little box. The settings for that photo were there. I did the settings, and the photo showed up on the screen. All I did after that was, click save. Then, I went back to my blog and my photo was my backround!

My Prezi

    Guess what! I made a prezi on Big Trouble In The Big Apple! Prezies are alot of work all you have to do is make a plan and go onto prezi. Then, if your plan goes wrong you have to make a new one. If you want to learn more of how to make a prezi you are going to have to learn from your teacher! This is my first prezi. Just so you know a prezi is much easier than a photopeach video.

I hope you learn more about a prezi from your teacher!

Blogging Buddies!

Blogging buddies are are other classes or friends from around the world. The blogging buddies are just like a buddy on your side, but they comment to you from around the world. Sometimes you can do a project with your blogging buddies, just like my class did. The students and I in my class¬†did a graphing project. We brung in our poster boards and we made progress by working hard to get our graphs done. We made up our own topics and then, we made a little change. When we reached doing our line graph, we did it by commenting back to our blogging buddies in Alberta, Canada. We were commenting back to our blogging buddies because we¬†were doing line graphs on my weather in Olmsted Falls and in Alberta. So we made a line graph and made the lines different colors¬†so people would know which one is which. After it was all done, a girl in my class took pictures of some of the graphs and put them in a post. Anyway, I,m supossed to be talking about blogging buddies. So blogging buddies can help you learn more because it helps you understand blogging better. It helps you to write more descriptive posts about things that you think about. Mrs. Leavelle’s class are the blogging buddies in Alberta. My classes blog has that blogging buddy. Having blogging buddies helped me get¬† a feeling that I should comment on other peoples blogs just to be nice and to just comment. blogging buddies are lots of fun sometimes. They are fun because you can just comment o their blog and you don’t have to have them on your sidebar. To have a blogging buddy you can put them on your sidebar or you can go to edublogs and comment on your buddies blog. Blogging buddies helped me¬†to understand the person better and get to know them.

When you have a blogging buddy you will understand!

I Wonder What South America Is Like?

Sometimes I wonder what South America because we live in North America and we have a life thta we know about. So I wonder how people live in South America. Maybe they have different laws than we do. I know that South America is pretty big but there are alot of cities in the country. If you live in South America I wonder what you would do first? I would probably explore all of the rain forests ( if they have any) because it would take me on an advenure. South America is really big. If you took a trip to South America I bet that you would need help finding some place to live.¬† South America sounds like a fun place to explore, bu think about¬†how many different peope from different cultures visit there. The point is that I’d like to learn more about South America.

Response To: Puppy Bowl Superstars: Where Are They Now?

This puppy bowl information¬†was an interesting article, and here is why. The Puppy Bowl gathers furry cats and dogs to particapate in cute activities every year. The article says,” Discovery Reports that 12.4 million viewers tuned in during the 12-hour marothon.” Also¬†there is more information about all of the puppies. So I’d like to share about one of the puppies.

The puppy that I’m going to share about is a pup named Eli. Eli was a wee 10 weeks old when he was just in the Puppy Bowl. Eli was a german shepard. Eli discovered that on the doorstep of one of the shelters since last October. He has been working hard ever since just to show off his skills in the Puppy Bowl! I think I really understood what I read, don’t you? Well if you want to learn about more articles just go to!

Thank you for reading my beautiful response to The Puppy Bowl!

China Is Interesting!

Writing this post made me feel like I should use things from other country’s. So I tried it on Paris facts and apparently I got a visitor from France. I was very happy when I saw the visitor, I showed my mom and she was exited, too. Anyways, when I thought of a different country I thought of China. I normally would think of something else, but I felt like that if I got a visitor from China, it would also be cool if they commented. Well, just if they knew how to write in English. So I would like to share facts with you from China, I you look down below you can see there are facts about China.

The capital of China is Beijing.

China is a country that is located in east Asia

It is the worlds most popular country, with the population over 1.3 billion.

Coin depicting Liberty wearing a cap

                                                                                               The Turban Head eagle was a ten dollar gold piece, or eagle, struck by the United States Mint from 1795 to 1804.

The piece was created by Robert Scot, and he was the first in the eagle series, which continued until the mint ceased striking gold coins for circulation in 1993.

That was all of the facts about China of what I could find! I hope you would look up so you could learn even more and more about it!